Book of Memory of Lemkivshchyna Vol.’s I, II, III


Lists of names of all Lemko families resettled to Soviet Ukraine, compiled by home county and village.

The three volumes contain a total of 143,601 names of deported Lemkos from 33,522 families.

VOLUME 1 “Memory Book of Lemkivshchyna 1944-1946”, 675 pages:

  • Counties of Novyi Torh, Novyi Sanch, Yaslo, Korosno
  • 40,026 names, 9,807 deported families

VOLUME 2 “Memory Book of Lemkivshchyna 1944-1946”, 960 pages:

  • Counties of Horlytsi and Sianik
  • 56,841 names, 13,017 deported families

VOLUME 3 “Memory Book of Lemkivshchyna 1944-1946”, 810 pages:

  • Counties of Lis’ko (entire county along with bordering villages of western Boykivshchyna – Dvernyk, Tsarynske, Ustryky Horishni and others) and Bereziv, as well as additional lists of families from various villages and counties of Lemkivshchyna (Bodnarivka, Hvozdianka, Vysoke in Riashiv county, some villages in Yaslo, Sianik, Novyi Sanch, etc.)
  • 46,734 names, 10,698 deported families
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Yaroslava Galyk


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