Akcja Wisla: Dokumenty


The volume “Akcja Wisla” contains 241 archival documents. The most fully represented documents are from the Central Military Archives in Rembertow, Poland near Warsaw. The book contains huge factual material. The reader is presented with the mechanisms and extent of the resettlement of Ukrainians from Zakerzonnia (beyond the Curzon Line) that took place during Akcja “Wisla.” Numerical data is provided about the cleansing of certain areas of settlement, the imprisonment of victims of repression in the Jaworzno concentration camp, death sentences, and the conditions of the deportation of the Ukrainian population. The author’s significant contribution is a solid preface that extensively summarizes the problems relating to the deportation of the indigenous Ukrainian population from the territories of modern Poland as well as detailed comments about the archival documents.

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Eugeniusz Misylo




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