First Row (L-R): Father Roman Mirchuk, Ivan Gres
Second Row (L-R): Maria Miller, Anastasia Pelep, Maria Goc, Tekla Bober, Marijka Fes, Dmytro Boch
Third Row (L-R): Melania and Seman Czuchta, Stefan and Katya Hira, Christina Hira, Antonina Tkhir, Anna Kozak, Pavlo Fuga, Dmytro Tkhir, Dmytro Andrejczak, Petro Andrejczak
Fourth Row (L-R): Petro Czyczyla, Ivan Vishka, Volodymyr Bilyk, Mykhailo Bilij, Petro Telychka, Anna Telychka, Wolodymyr Blazejowsky, Teodor Bilous, Mykhailo Farbanec, Hrihoriy Ileczko
Date: September 18, 1984

Branch #7 was founded on September 19, 1984, under the leadership of the Head of the National Council, Maria Duplak, and representatives of the National Council Kornylo Babiak and Vasyl Harhaj. There were 19 original members who signed a declaration. Elected to the Council were: President, Ivan Gres; Vice President, Roman Podobinskyj; Secretary, Dmytro Tkhir; Treasurer, Seman Czuchta; Org., Mykhailo Farbanec; Cultural/Educational Representative: Dmytro Boch; Bayonne Representative, Petro Czyczyla; Control Committee, Zenon Halkowycz, Pavlo Fuga, and Seman Hira. With such personnel, the branch began its work.

It was decided during the first meeting to organize the first events – the Consecration of the Ukrainian National Home, followed by a picnic and a fall dance. The main goal was to acquire funds for future activity. Thanks to the active work of members of the Council, these funds were acquired, and the local community and respect from individual organizations was gathered.

During the beginning phase of the founding of Branch #7, 15 additional members joined. With the assistance of the local branch of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), Branch #7 organized a January 22 symposium, memorial church services, anniversary celebrations of the poet Taras Shevchenko, and other events.

Branch #7 takes an active part in community celebrations and conferences, both in the U.S. and in Ukraine. Currently, Branch #7 has 18 active members. During Christmas time, Branch #7 conducts caroling to fundraise. Since 1984, Branch #7 has donated to select humanitarian funds for schools, churches, and cultural centers in the Lemko region and Ukraine. Members also support a school fund in the local area where they live. Since 1996, the President of Branch #7 has been Wolodymyr Blazejowsky.

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