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Yaroslava Halyk portrait

Searching for your roots?
You came to the right place!

If your family members were resettled to Soviet Ukraine during the years ​1944 – 1946, ​you will find their names in the “Knyha Pamiati Lemkivshchyny 1944-1946” (“Memory Book of Lemkivshchyna 1944-1946”) by Yaroslava Halyk, ​​published in Lviv ​in 2015-2016 in three volumes.

Please note that pdf excerpts are in Ukrainian, but English-language translations can be provided for an additional cost.

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Lemkivshchyna

Searching for information about Lemkivshchyna?
Find your answers here:

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Lemkivshchyna

You will have all your Lemko questions answered ​in this “Slovnyk”, published in Lviv by Ivan Krasovskyi and Ivan Chelak in 2013.

Book is written in Ukrainian. Translation of page or ​​article is available.​​

You may purchase each volume or all three below, ​or order family-specific information.
Also, you can request an article or excerpt on any topic ​from the Encyclopedic Dictionary.
We will locate the requested page, ​scan it and send you a pdf file.