On October 6, 2013, the 13th General Meeting of the Lemko Research Foundation, Inc. (LRF) took place at the Ukrainian Youth Association center in Passaic, NJ. Zenko Halkowycz, Vice President of LRF, opened the meeting, welcoming new members of the Foundation and asking everyone for a moment of silence to honor the recently deceased President of LRF, Steven Howansky.

Responsibility for leading the General Meeting was then turned over to a Presidium consisting of LRF members Mark Howansky (chairman), Andriy Khomyk (deputy chairman), and Anna Harhaj (secretary).

Reports were presented from the outgoing leadership, including: the Vice Chairman, Secretary, Financial Officer, Auditing Committee, Nominating Committee, Board of Directors, and Board of Academic Advisors. In their reports, the outgoing leadership spoke of the work completed in recent years, specifically the publication of materials about Lemkivshchyna. Also noted was the importance of cooperating with the Organization for the Defense of Lemkivshchyna (OOL) to publish the English language book “Zakerzonnia,” which aims to spread information worldwide about the history of Lemkos.

Members took part in a discussion of the reports, which touched upon the publishing activities and financial affairs of the Foundation.

Elections of the new Board of the Foundation then took place, resulting in the selection of:

President – Andriy Khomyk,
First Vice President – Diana Howansky Reilly
Second Vice President – Peter Kosciolek
Secretary – Halyna Semenyak
Treasurer – Vasyl Harhaj

Board of Directors – John Zawada, John Gres, Peter Gres, Michael Khomyk, Anna Harhaj, Teodor Pyz, Bohdan Kykta, Mark Howansky

​Board of Academic Advisors – Dr. John Hvozda, Diana Howansky Reilly, Andriy Khomyk, Catherine Mycio, Nicholas Duplak

​Auditing Committee – Stefan Kosciolek, Peter Rusynko, Stefan Malyniak

Honorary Chairman – Myron Mycio

The chairman of the meeting, Mark Howansky, congratulated the newly-elected Board members and wished them success in the future. The newly-elected President, Andriy Khomyk, thanked everyone for their trust and asked for their cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, everyone present sang the Ukrainian national anthem.

​Halyna Semenyak – October 2013

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